Hammerite Ultima Smooth

Hammerite Ultima is the next evolution in metal paint. It is Water Based and especially formulated to be applied direct to rust and direct to any type of metal without a primer. It provides a highly durable decorative finish for up to 12 years. Suitable for application on gates, railings, garden furniture and all type of outdoor metal.

Available in 6 colours providing a long-lasting smooth finish.

Below are the 4 key benefits to Hammerite Ultima Smooth:

  1. Protects the metal for up to 12 years
  2. Application direct to rust and direct to metal by roller or brush
  3. Quick drying, application of a second coat after 4 hours
  4. Colour lock technology: Long lasting colour and smooth finish
    Available colors
    • White
    • Black
    Colours can look slightly different in real life, due to your monitor
    • Drying time2 hours
    • Process temperature10°C-30°C
    • Usage Exterior


    • Direct to ferrous and non-ferrous metal
    • Direct to Rust
    Hammerite Ultima Smooth can be used for:
    • All Metal Surfaces
    • Metal Door
    • Metal Fence
    • Metal Garden furniture
    • Metal gate
    • Metal Railings


    Finish Smooth
    Coverage 7.5 m2/L
    Durability Up to 12 years protection
    Repaintable after 4 hours
    Process between 10°C-30°C
    1. Sand the surface with coarse sandpaper or wire brush to remove loose rust particles, flaking paint or factory treatments.
    2. To guarantee perfect adhesion remove dirt, (sand)-dust and degrease with a dilution of ammonia. For bare smooth metal surfaces, lightly abrade for maximum adhesion.
    3. In case of new galvanized steel, let the surface weather until it’s dull. Start thereafter with step 1.
    4. Product is ready to use, no dilution needed. Stir before using.
    5. To ensure full weather protection against rust, evenly apply a minimum of 2 layers of Hammerite Ultima with a spreading rate of 7.5 m2/L. Ensure edges and corners are well protected.
    6. Once the product has been applied, remove product excess from tools.
    7. Clean tools with soapy water.
    8. Store in a dry place between 5°C and 35 °C.

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