About Hammerite

Hammerite was the first and is still the only dedicated specialist metalcare brand. Metal is what we are about. We don’t do anything else. We do it better than anyone else.

Given the right treatment, metal can last for generations. We understand the important roles that metal plays in your lives, but we also understand that all types of metal are vulnerable – to water, sunlight, frost, rust and physical damage. All metals need constant protection to keep them structurally strong and looking their best.

Hammerite Helps You Do The Job Well

Metal needs regular treatment with specialist products to protect and care for it. You know that neglecting your metal is only storing up trouble and cost for the future. Therefore you want to do the job well so that your metal will remain looking good for longer. And you’ll take satisfaction in doing the job right.

You can trust Hammerite to provide the easiest-to-use, longest lasting protection for your metal, with no nagging doubts or concerns. Your choice for Hammerite will keep your metal looking good for longer. We help you tackle every metalcare job without worry.

Rich History

Hammerite has a rich history. The name first appeared in 1962, when Allen Forster developed a hammered paint for use in electrical insulation. But Hammerite first appeared in the format we know today in 1984. It was launched to the UK DIY market as a single-pack, air-drying, corrosion-resistant coating for iron and steel. At this moment the metal specialist category was created.

Hammerite soon developed a name for quality products and a mystique developed around the formulation, with consumers speculating about what gives Hammerite its special properties.

Today Hammerite is sold in over 55 countries worldwide and is the European brand leader in metalcare. It has the number one brand position and 100% distribution in many markets.

In over 25 years we have never lost our focus on metal. Our knowledge and understanding of metal remains unrivalled and the brand continues to be supported by world-class research and innovation.


Hammerite forms part of the AkzoNobel group of products which includes Dulux Paints and Cuprinol Woodcare. AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. For more information on other brands in the portfolio, please visit the following websites: