Special Metals Primer

Special Metals Primer


  • All surfaces must be clean and dry.
  • Remove loose rust, flaking paint and the gloss from old paintwork by wire brushing and/or rubbing down with coarse abrasive paper.
  • Treat any rusted patches with Hammerite Kurust.
  • Degrease thoroughly with a detergent solution then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

If using with a roller on large flat surfaces you may find it necessary to thin 10% with water. Do not use cellulose thinners or white spirit.


  • Stir paint thoroughly.
  • Do not apply when there is a risk of rain, frost or if the temperature falls below 5degC.
  • Hammerite Special Metals Primer is touch dry in 30 minutes (depending on weather conditions) and can be overcoated after only 2 hours.
  • Hammerite Special Metals Primer can be overcoated with most paints.

Touch dry in 30 minutes, recoatable after 2 hours.

Cleaning & Storage

After use, remove as much paint as possible from brushes before cleaning with clean water.